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by ♡ romantic poetry ♡

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Dagmara Klimczak
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Dagmara Klimczak You may find yourself toxic but you are not undeserving. Take care. Favorite track: a confession..
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released December 17, 2015



all rights reserved


♡ romantic poetry ♡ Indianapolis, Indiana

spoken word poetry and crying

( all album sales go towards my college, I got accepted into my dream college, which i will be transferring to in a couple of year <3 )

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Track Name: what i have to say
i meowed at my cat but it walked away so i could not understand what it had to say. i talk to my cat because it’s the only thing that listens. the blank walls do not seem to cut it anymore. like people, they just sit and stare for all they care i could fucking die. my cat loves me, he scratches my wrists and brings me bliss, i don’t know how to kiss. my dreams make no sense, so i cling like them, like the sky to the sea,
hoping things will finally make sense to me
i want to understand my god damn cat
i want it to understand me.
but it like everything walks away.
i meowed at my cat but it walked away so i could not understand what it had to say.
no boys ever want to touch me.
girls won't even look at me the same
if I want your attention
I have to slap your ass and suck your cock.
all my lovers want the same old thing.
I'd rather just meow at my cat.
at least he'll listen to me when i talk.
I shut my eyes and everything makes sense all at once
I think I made you up inside my head
I just wanted something tangible in my hands
and you felt smooth enough to hold.
but my cat scratches on my wrists felt softer than your hand.
I'm starting to feel worse and worse thanks to you
Make me feel like a good person again
make me feel right.
I'm sorry I look at your veins, more than your eyes.
and I'm sorry you never noticed the scratches on mine.
i meowed at my cat but it walked away so i could not understand what it had to say.
I feel like my cat
because you no longer understand.
so I'll just walk away,
I know you don't care what I have to say.
Track Name: black dahlia
she wrote,
I breathed.
she does not care
she does not care
i listen to sad piano music
and imagine you kissing me
i miss you
you have been gone forever but i still manage to.
your blank eyes still stare back at me
in the mirror
i see you everywhere
Hollywood stole your soul,
and you are not going to get it back.
a bright wide smile,
stretched across the skin.
arms rise up like horns
legs spread open,
laying on the ground.
wednesday on fire
breathing gets harder,
you become colder.
if heaven is real, i hope you’re enjoying your stay,
and you forget how he just left you there.
black dahlia
black dahlia.
you are lost to them
decaying and rotting
they said you should’ve known better
as if you could’ve known,
you full of dreams and purity.
black dahlia
they see you everywhere,
a constant reminder
of what hollywood can do
to beautiful, innocent
girls like you.