unsent text messages (to those i have wronged) ♡ ♡ ♡

by ♡ romantic poetry ♡

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over the past few months i had decided to record the text messages i decided not to send. The last two are poems that are closers, and not unsent texts. The persons initials are right next to the tracks. This is really personal, but. wear yr heart on your fucking sleeve. enjoy. i love you all, and to everyone who i have unsent texts to, i love you and i'm sorry. please, text me.


released October 26, 2016



all rights reserved


♡ romantic poetry ♡ Indianapolis, Indiana

spoken word poetry and crying

( all album sales go towards my college, I got accepted into my dream college, which i will be transferring to in a couple of year <3 )

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Track Name: part 1 (w)
unsent text messages part 1
“i miss you and I’m sorry”
“i love you. and i think if we tried again maybe years later we could work. you told me that once i think.”
“i knew you liked her when you asked me what i knew about her”
“she cheated on him. you know that right. i hope she cheats on you too. like you did to me.”
“they told me about everything. you lied to me. why?”
“i don’t think you should go to the poetry slam.”
“i don’t think we should talk right now, this isn’t okay."
“i need to get over you but i don’t think i can”
“that song you wrote about me is really fucked up. you’re a sex shaming piece of shit and i hate you.”
“why on earth would you say that”
“i see you’re slipping into old habits writing bad songs about me. i hope you regret it soon. but you won’t. I’m slipping back into old habits too”
“i shouldn’t of told you i tried to kill myself in that text. should’ve left that out.”
“why did you stop loving me. i felt you in the oregon air when i visited. we left on your birthday.”
“i really need to put myself out there again if i want to get over you. but I’m stuck at the point of wanting to learn to be okay without you, or anyone, or just giving up. because i know no one could ever replace you and i know i sound insane. i guess I’m trying to say. i know we’re bad for each other and i know we shouldn’t talk and i know we’d never work out, but that doesn’t stop me from still being in love with you. fucked up, isn’t it?”
“she sounds like a twelve year old girl and her poetry is shit. yet you read hers but not mine.”
“i put out my new album today. hope you find it.”
“why haven’t you unfriended me on facebook. is it because you know you’re torturing me. your parents like her more than they ever liked me."
“she called me hot once. she followed my vent account. she knew more than you did. i shouldn’t hate her or anybody. I’m acting really stupid."

“___ i miss you so much today, I’m working on this stupid art thing and i went through our old text messages and jesus christ. you were so perfect to me and i wish i hadn’t said what i did. i miss being friends.”
“how did this happen? i’m sorry i wish you were sorry.”
“thank you for making me realize i can’t ignore this feeling forever.”
“you described kissing me as magical and with that, i think i should just end it all right now."
“your number is unblocked. my sound on my phone is on. my address is ____ ____ _____, if you forgot. the key is under the mat. i don’t work this week. if you ever have the urge, come find me again."
Track Name: part 2 (t)
i don’t think we should be friends because your boyfriend associates himself with my ex and thinks she's a good person and I’m worried he hates me and you’ll hate me too after she tells him what she thinks about me. i told you what she did. yet you still want to believe she’s nice.
stop sending me your soundcloud. i was freaking out a minute ago and now you want to help when it benefits you. thats bullshit
yeah, me and manny are friends, i talk to him more often. he responded when i was freaking out and you didn’t. thats what friends do
i would say sorry but I’m not
we can be friends if you never tell me anything about him. I’m such a bitch and I’m glad you two are in love, but i can’t stand the fact he’s friends with her.
i am trying to distance myself from anything that reminds me of her. i hope you understand.
constantly i am trying to be less selfish. i’m having a hard time. don’t worry i am just overemotional. you did nothing wrong.
Track Name: text me
I am a broken down street light
trying to find places where your name fills in the sidewalk cracks.
as the car's headlights beat down on my face.
Everything is quiet but loud all at once.
I try to forget everything
but it's one a.m.
almost a year later
and i'm still thinking about it.
I hope you feel my name in the cold air.
I hope you see my love for you in her.
I hope you see my face in the passing by strangers.
and maybe that you feel the same.
i wait for a phone call, or maybe even a text message.
something to fill the cracks.
i know i shouldn't love you.
but my stomach is aching
and my arms long for yours.
it's okay.
I will reach for the autumn air
it will feel the same as you.
text me.
tell me you never want to see me again
Tell me you don't love me.
fill the cracks.
text me.
tell me you're sorry
forgive me.
say you love me.
fill the cracks
i am constantly changing
but my feelings still haven't changed for you.
put me into a glass box
with butterflies and stardust
until I am not real anymore.
i don't know anything about reality
and please
kiss the pain away.
the phrase
"Get over it" will be flung at me a million times
and I was being honest when I said I don't think I ever will
text me
until I can no longer feel again.

Please text me.
Track Name: a poem that is definitely not about you.
sometimes i pretend we're still friends.
our bodies tangling together
as i feel your breath pressed up to my cheek.
there is a daydream in your eyes.
I tell you you're beautiful.
my creative writing class has been forcing me to remember the past.
she says
"Write about an instance with someone you love or used to love."
the room stays silent
at first I hate it,
but by the end of it
I am writing your name with hearts around it on my paper.
I hate remembering.
I try to write about how I hate you.
no hearts on paper
but I don't.
i tried to hate you.
but then I remembered
Wes Anderson films
and first kisses
the sort of things that cover up
bad songs and poorly worded excuses
and the secret site
I poured my thoughts to
the times it was worse than just "things are bad right now"
the bad times are still there.
i know you're bad for me.
but it feels like doesn't matter.
I read poems from a girl who has the same name as you
i pretend it's you,
I feel like I am a part of you- still
wish she was you.
I say your name in the mirror
until it doesn't sound real
and it will lose all meaning by the morning
and I repeat
"losing you wasn’t a loss"
"Losing you wasn't a loss"
and i try to hate you
I'm really trying
and i might
but the secret site is closed down
and i don’t go to it anymore
i kiss others to get the taste of you out.
i don’t think it is working.
their lips aren’t soft.
I stop talking to them days later.
i watch wes anderson movies alone.
the blankets cover my toes
as the tv flashes onto my face,
casting different shadows and lights
till I don't feel like I'm myself anymore.
i reach for your hand and it isn't there.
the space i occupy is empty.
so am I.
and I won't fall asleep
I don't want to dream about you anymore.